Collaboration Smart-In-Ag and IndoDairy

We are happy to announce that after a meeting, the leadership of the IndoDairy project (prof. Wendy Umberger and Mr Jack Hetherington), we decided to collaborate and share resources, both in collected data and future collection of data.

IndoDairy is a project, carried out by the Center for Global Food and Resources, University of Adelaide (Australia), IPB University (Indonesia) with a number of other partners. It is aimed on the development of the dairy industry sector in Indonesia by strengthening livestock management and marketing systems in Indonesia as well as improving smallholder access and competitiveness in rapidly transforming markets.

IndoDairy did start a few years earlier than Smart-In-Ag and has collected many data on small holder dairies. We are happy to be able to use some of these data as well as to build forward on the existing infrastructure of Indodairy in Indonesia. More we agreed to collaborate with IndoDairy in future data collection and project efforts. This way we can strengthen our efforts to improve the sustainability of protein production in Indonesia.