Smart farming utilizes a collection of technologies including Internet of Things (IoT), sensors, robotics, management information system, and cloud computing as tools to collecting data, generating models, interpret the data, and extracting valuable information such as animal behavior/health and land use change to support operation decision making. This can help improving the quantity and quality of animal production in Indonesia. One of the key challenges of introducing smart farming technologies is stakeholders’ acceptance, which influences their willingness to adopt technology.

This project focuses on social practice of farmers and rural institutions toward (technology) innovation, in supporting sustainable production of animal-source food. This study will utilize a systemic approach to investigate decision making processes that affects farmers’ uptake of technology innovation, particularly in dairy farming and inland fishery. The system includes three dimensions: market, political, and interactional failures. In addition, this project also analyses farmers attitude and behaviour regarding change management towards a more sustainable way of animal production.

Ibnu Budiman


This project is supervised by Prof. Annemarie Wagemakers, Dr. Marjolein Derks, Dr. Eko Cahyadi, and Dr. Sahara.