One of the key challenges of implementing new technologies is to prove the value of implementation. In this PhD project, the economic, environmental and social effects of SMART technologies, already implemented as well as newly available technologies, will be studied. Understanding the simultaneous objective among economics, environmental and social aspects of the farming technologies is the key. In this project first an inventory is needed of which SMART farming technologies are currently applied in pond and sea cage fish farming systems. Next, dynamic stochastic simulation modelling will be used to study the impact of SMART farming technologies in sea cages and land-based ponds on the environment carrying capacity, animal health and animal welfare. The models will be extended to include the economic impact of implementation of SMART farming technologies in both systems. The expected outcome is an advise on which technologies are of environmental and economic interest to Indonesian dairy farmers.

Triana Gita Dewi, MSc

Supervised by: Dr Mariska van der Voort and prof. Henk Hogeveen