This PhD project is on designing the system infrastructure for precision farming in the Indonesian farming domain. The system infrastructure will represent the underlying physical platform, including the computing nodes and communication mechanisms for supporting the required software application and data services. The system infrastructure needs to be aligned to meet the essential functional and quality requirements from the various systematic stakeholders in the domain.

As a result of this, the system needs also to comply with the current Indonesian farming situation and support dairy farmers to monitor water quality, animal health, and milk quality. Important challenges in this context include the development of the architecture design abstractions and methods, system-of-systems architecting and data integration of heterogenous systems.

The project should result in integrated software-intensive system design for supporting precision farming.

Ngakan Krisnawijaya


This project is supervised by: Prof. Bedir Tekinerdogan, Prof. Cagatay Catal, Dr. Rik van der Tol, Prof. Kudang Boro Seminar, Prof. Indra Jaya, and Dr. Ewaldus Wera.