Kick-off meeting dairy data collection

On March 7 2022, IPB University (Indonesia) and Wageningen University & Research (WUR; The Netherlands) have organised the Smart-In-Ag kick-off meeting. This meeting initiates the data collection on dairy farms. Smart-In-Ag is grateful for the support of dairy cooperative KPS Cianjur Utara and the Cianjur district. Prof. Iskandar Siregar and prof. Henk Hogeveen introduced the project and explained the aims of the data collection. This informed all relevant stakeholders. Afterwards, the formal letters and permits were signed.

The formal letters and permits have been signed

This important milestone kicks off the data collection of Ibnu Budiman and Achmad Fadillah–both PhD-candidates employed by Smart-In-Ag. Ibnu’s data collection focuses on how social system issues shape technology adoption options. Achmad will monitor milk quality and animal diseases.

Several stakeholders attended the kick-off meeting, revealing the
interdisciplinairy character of Smart-In-Ag

Finally, a farm visit was organised.