Smart-in-Ag attracts two MSc thesis-students

Smart-in-Ag wishes you all the best in 2023! The new year has started promising for Smart-in-Ag. Two new MSc students will both start their thesis and/or internship. Both will visit Indonesia to support the Smart-in-Ag research activities.

Andi Reski Indah Kusuma will be supervised by dr. Bart van den Borne and dr. Okti Nadia Poetri during his internship and will work on monitoring food and mouth disease (FMD) in Indonesia. Additionally, Andi will be conducting a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) for different control programmes.

Robert Xu will be supervised by dr. Ayalew Kassahun, dr. Sjoukje Osinga, and PhD candidate Ibnu Budiman. He will build a stock-and-flow diagram aimed at predicting adoption rates of smart farming technologies. Robert will focus on the case of Indonesian dairy farms. A thorough understanding of farmers’ adoption decisions is one of the backbones of Smar-in-Ag.

We are excited to announce that these two new research projects start in 2023 and wish Andi and Robert all the best when conducting their research!